A little bit about me

I am a fine art photographer and therapist based on the East Sussex coast, specialising in landscapes, seascapes and woodland photography.  My work is mostly project based, working with the narrative of found images in the land or, very often, images created purely on the connection I feel between myself and a particular place. Using a variety of methods, sometimes depicting an ethereal side to reality, it is my hope to evoke the ‘spirit of place’, expressing the inner stillness and connection I have experienced in those moments.

My journey to this point has been a winding one, starting as a child when my father’s old photograph album of India captured my imagination. Since then, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in photography. As a young adult I cut my photographic teeth on an AE1 and a move out of London to a more rural area set the seed of my affinity for the outdoors, making landscape my subject.  My love of this genre was further stirred by a visit to Fay Godwin’s ‘Land’ exhibition in 1985 and it was her work, along with Ansel Adams, Bill Brandt and Michael Kenna that inspired me to follow the photographic path I have taken for nearly 40 years.

I studied photography part time, learning to print images in a home darkroom before realising that my day job of the previous 15 years didn’t feed my soul or my creativity. Following another interest of mine I retrained as a body-based therapist, eventually moving to the East Sussex coast, where I have practiced for the past 20 years.  Here, with more time to nurture my creativity and photography in particular, I have developed a strong affinity to the land, sea and woodland found in my local area.

I have heard people describe this part of the world as ‘unloved’, yet I find that there is so much beauty and many hidden stories in the natural world surrounding me.  When I am out walking, I forge a connection with Mother Nature through photography and by taking a slow, more mindful approach it helps me to look deeper, to see the hidden beauty and to feel the energy that connection brings.

I have exhibited both locally and further afield and was awarded the ARPS by the Royal Photographic Society in 2021 for the book of my project ‘Between Land and Sea’. Prints of images in the Gallery section of this site are available, please email me or get in touch via the contact page if you would like more information.