Between Land and Sea

I find walking, like photography, a reflective process particularly when by the sea. I use structures along the coastal paths as focal points for my meditative gaze, creating a state of inner stillness, even when the sea is raging in the outer world.

The potential loss of Hastings Pier in 2010 led me to take a journey, east to west along the East Sussex coast, photographing these landmarks before they are lost or reshaped by man or nature. I have used what I refer to as ‘Slow Photography’, exposing each seascape for several minutes in a process that deepens my connection with my surroundings. 

The resulting images convey the peace and tranquillity that I feel in these mindful moments as well as enabling me to record the interaction between the land and the sea evoking a sense for the solidity yet impermanence of our coastline, both natural and manmade. The changes unseen – here the sea, always moving and changing, merges into one, whilst structures slowly erode in an invisible state of flux. 

The full project is documented in my book ‘Between Land and Sea’ available here.